Melanie & Jeff Wick: Owners

Having degrees in medicine and chemistry, Melanie later earned her Certificate in Winemaking from UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology. Melanie enjoys making wine and greeting people in the tasting room.

Twins Xander & Ben help run the business, work tasting room and events, and broaden our food offerings at the winery.

Chloe Nicoson: Winemaker

Chloe specializes in land-based production. She has a degree in Agricultural Sciences from Oregon State, and is a maker at heart. A lover of all things dirt and dirt-related, Chloe is an avid gardener, canner, hiker, and maker of handspun handknit textiles. When not at the winery Chloe can be found puttering around her garden, exploring the beautiful hiking trails of the Grand Valley, or relaxing with her husband, Brandon, dogs, Liebe and Sage, and cat, Smokey. Chloe made wine with the founding owners at Whitewater Hill Vineyards for two years leading up to the change in ownership, and looks forward to continuing the Whitewater Hill tradition of good wines made better by good company.

Ray Strohm: Vineyard Manager

Ray has been with Whitewater Hill Vineyards for over twenty years, and is absolutely essential to both the grapes and winemaking process. Having planted and cared for every vine at the winery since day one, Ray has a wealth of knowledge that is simply unrivaled. From season to season, from grape to bottle, Ray is a part of the process at every step.

Bryn Foster: Tasting Staff

Bryn has a degree in Fine Arts with a focus on painting and print making from Colorado Mesa University. Bryn enjoys crafting a beautiful tasting room experience, creating the cute touches that make Whitewater Hill Vineyards more than just a business. Bryn is a fourth generation native of the Grand Valley, and spends her free time spelunking and hiking. Paisley has joined the staff as well, wearing cute sweaters and brightening everyone’s day.

Jaden Zahniser: Tasting Staff

Jaden has a mixology degree and is working on getting his business administration degree as well. After serving in the Navy Jaden joined the staff at Whitewater Hill Vineyards when Jeff & Melanie took over. Zoe joined Jaden in his work shortly after. With his friendly relatable charm and the glorious beard, he has become one of the top two tasting staff.

Talbotts Mountain Gold: Vineyard Management

The Talbotts and their team manage OnBelay Vineyard and Pit Bull Kisses Orchards. We value our partnership and appreciate their extensive experience gained from generations of dedication to agriculture in the Grand Valley.

Bark Club:

Liebe, Sage, Zoe Waffles, Paisley, Libby, Solo, Tyler, & Birdie – wagging tails and making guests feel welcome.